If Life was an Egg Daily Prompt: Egg


via Daily Prompt: Egg

Egg so basic in its composition yet we can almost relate it to most part of our short lived life on earth.

Egg is so basic that this was one of the first word for which I didn’t have to work so hard like elephant.

I will be choosing the part of our life when we meet some new people and out of those some , some become a very big part of our life. and since I love her so much let me tell you how it was like for me : Egg.

The first thing that we find on looking at an Egg is its hard and tough cover. This is the part when we first introduce ourselves. For some of us it’s different , but for most of us  it’s tough . Actually the toughest as in an Egg.

Then we some transparent cover , it’s when we start opening-up to the person and you don’t even realize it because it’s so thin that we almost cannot see it.

The next part is the inner edible part that I like so much and hope you guys like it too . Okay so this is the phase where we have to make some effort to stay in their life. This part is not that tough in the Egg and as well as in our life too. We just need to put some effort and that’s all.

And then we reach the goal , the yolk . It has a different color than the rest of the Egg . It’s beautiful .

Life is beautiful when you reach there , the goal . At least that’s what I expect . We haven’t reached there . we are still there in white edible part. I hope to reach the goal soon , the yolk , I mean , of the Egg.

Everything written above are the parts of an Egg with respect to a cooked Egg . Enjoy !!

–  Tamo (05/11/2017)

In response to the daily prompt : Egg

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photo credit : pixabay


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