Our talk (Daily Prompt : Cherish)


via Daily Prompt: Cherish

Merry Christmas to all the people out there reading this post and to the people not reading this post . Hope you people enjoyed Christmas , now enjoy my post ,please.


“Hello” ,”did you miss me today ?”
The question that I’ll always Cherish.

“What , no I did not. Not at all”
Is the reply that will always make me smile

Her getting annoyed because of me
Will always make me laugh

And then , “how could I not”
Are my magic words to her annoyance
Which works like a charm , always .

You tiny little creature
You love teasing me, right ?
You know I like it , don’t you remember
How much I like it , shall I remind you ?


In response to the daily prompt : Cherish

for my to the previous prompt , click here .

photo credit : Pixabay


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