My Confession (Daily Prompt: Confess)


via Daily Prompt: Confess

I have been wanting to Confess this ,
the first day I saw you ,
and also for the last 483 days ,
that I have been seeing you .

Like the white snow ,
on the tip of the green mountains ,
making the whole mountain glow ,
Your smile , I’m telling you ,
makes my small room brighter ,
than it has ever seen itself ,
and that’s how your smile ,
has been effecting me , thank you .

If we talk about the tip of the mountain ,
and the white snow on it again ,
pure beauty is what we are talking about ,
pure beauty is what I love ,
pure beauty is what you are ,
what I have is You ,
and I’m glad that makes people jealous of me , thank you .

Bumpy roads have always lead me ,
towards happiness , towards my home ,
And I’ve also been loving all the bumps ,
that I pass through from your legs ,
Till I reach your squashy lips ,
And taking my lips off of yours is forbidden , thank you .

I hope I am still eligible to Confess ,
so , can I Confess , please !!

                                        – Love Tamo (27/12/2017)


In response to the Daily Prompt : Confess

for my response to previous prompt , click here .

photo credit : Pixabay



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