The Drama #JusJoJan Daily Prompt

This is my first time in #JusJoJan prompt .
Thank you Linda for the prompt .

So , on the first day of this year on the first month of every year , let me tell you guys about the first drama that got me and my team , the first prize .

And no , I’m not into dramas , but that drama got me my prize anyway .

So , the drama was about  Swami Vivekananda and I was dressed like him . The drama was about how he went to Chicago in 1893 to represent India .

Black and white image of an Indian man, facing left with his arms folded and wearing a turban

The preparation was tough , at least for me and our class teacher was the greatest support . And now , I feel like thanking him .

The only thing that I remember is how in the end , I came forward gave a speech .

And the result , We won the competition .

Unfortunately , I don’t have any photos to share , I sure remember the day  .


In response to #JusJoJan prompt by : Ritu

for my previous post , click here .

photo credit : Wikipedia


  1. Recently, my high school drama teacher (way back in the late ’80s) sent me a friend request on Facebook. I had not thought about him in over 20 years, but suddenly many memories of those days came flooding back. It is funny, isn’t it, what one remembers and what one doesn’t?


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