My Treat (Daily Prompt: Treat)


via Daily Prompt: Treat


Treat from my side is pending .

We’ve never met with sufficient time to spend together .

The first time I met her was supposed
to last only a day or two , but luckily turned out to be three .

We planned something and then cancelled it , because we felt to lazy to move around and I don’t know how to drive .
We spent those three days doing nothing but staying at home .

Let me put this disclaimer first : ” I’m not a very good cook . I can only make tea and noodles that tastes good to me .”

In those three days that we spent together , the only treat that I gave her was a bowl of over-cooked noodles and a cup of tea that tasted bad .

I was very disappointed at myself for not cooking the only thing that I thought I was good at and also for the tea .
It was very disappointing .

But then , there she was . Happily eating those over-cooked noodles and drinking the tea .

After those bad meals , the only thing that I successfully passed onto her was the taste of those strawberry flavored corn-flakes .
And I liked it , I think she liked it too . It was embarrassing though .

That was my last treat to her .

I hope to see her soon and also hope to be able to give her a treat better thanĀ  theĀ  last time .

Until we meet next time , there’s a pending Treat !!


In response to the daily prompt : Treat

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