Our Memories #JusJoJan 2018



Memories don’t go just like that ,
Just like that Memories are not made either .

Opening my gate with just ,
my head outside to look at her .

Pulling her towards me ,
behind closed the doors .

Pushing her away from me ,
on the not so soft bed .

One grin at her and ,
She knows we are at it .

Like a grinding machine , we’re
dancing with our hips touching .

Pinning her hands down ,
I’m enjoying her enjoyment .

That evening was what we had ,
always all along in the mind .

But that night was our fate ,
and that too was in our mind .

Knock !! Knock !!

My eyes opened and ,
My hands stopped 🙂

My source of inspiration ,
Just vanished from my mind .

My Memories scattered again ,
I’ll complete it when I gather them ,
together again , someday !!

                   – Love Tamo (05/01/2018)


In response to #JusJoJan 2018 5th January : Memories

This prompt was given by : Cage Dunn

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photo credit : Shutterstock


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