Not A Story…



Do you remember last night baby ?
No you don’t , cause you were so sleepy ,
and that’s why I remember it clearly .

So close to me you were ,
your small nose looked so soft ,
smooth , shining like a pearl .

I could almost feel your breadth ,
your nose expanding and contracting .

It was so interesting that I ,
the one who Loves your lips so much ,
don’t even remember how it looked ,
last night but only your small nose .

My heart just melts looking at you .

And since I knew you would smile ,
when I say I Love you even when you sleep ,

I just wanted to see that smile ,
forgive for being so greedy ,
I had to speak and see your smile .

And so , there was an I Love you ,
and then there was a smile and ,
the an I Love you Too .

All of these would have been so much
better , only if we were together and ,
only if it wasn’t a video call .

So close to me but so far from me .

But still , not every story that is bad ,
has to be a story that is sad .

But ours is not a story ,
Ours is story that is Indelible .

Ours is just Love .

Because stories end
But Love doesn’t !!

                                          –  Love Tamo (07/01/2018)


In response to #JusJoJan 2018 7th January : Indelible

This prompt was submitted by : Ruth

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photo credit : Pixabay


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