Please Do Not (Daily Prompt: Evoke)


via Daily Prompt: Evoke


Please do not evoke them ,
those provocative memories
of us together in that chilly
afternoon of december the 13th .

Let them be there as it’s been
let them stay in right were they are
safe , to be used only by me
whenever the need arrives .

I can’t afford to loose my mind
everytime they come out to play
with me and my whole body
making my heart run faster than it should be .

I will be a heart patient
if this happens this often
I can’t afford to loose
a heart that’s already taken .

Please do not evoke them
those memories of your
flirtatious lips , calling me
out every time you speak .

Those memories of me
measuring all of you
diversifying all of you
making them aware of my presence .

I did and will do it again
when our destinations are same
with no gaps between us
and you’ll love it even more .

And when that day comes ,
know that I won’t stop this time
not until I see you smile and
not until I evoke those memories to you .

19th of November !!

– Love Tamo (12/01/2018)


In response to the daily prompt : Evoke

for my previous prompt , click here .

photo credit : Pixabay




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