She’s the Boss Daily Prompt: Dominant


via Daily Prompt: Dominant

Busy with the exams here .
But today’s prompt had to be taken down .

In our one and a half year relationship , I can proudly say that , she is the Dominant one and no one can change that .

I love it when she’s bossy around me (most of the time) .

She has ways of making me do things and I , on the other hand have no ways of my own of not doing those things .

She’s away but still she can boss around like she’s just beside me .
I am a die hard fan of her , ” Tappack !! Tappack !! “.

That’s the sound that she makes , when she wants to convey the message that I’m gonna be beaten up by her and that’s the sound that’s gonna come out .

Anyways , that’s the only thing that I felt seeing today’s prompt : Dominant .

                                     –  Tamo (24/01/2018)

In response to daily prompt : Dominant

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