Photo Challenge: Beloved


via Photo Challenge: Beloved

she is my grandmother and I’m gonna tell the incident that happened almost 15 years ago . she used to live with us back then . She is the Beloved one .

So , one day , I had the sudden urge to have some tea and no one was home except me , my younger brother and her . So , I told her what I wanted and also told her that I can make tea . It was 15 years ago and she knew how to make tea but only with fire wood and not the regular LPG cylinders that we use .

And that is why I had to lie . She believed me but with a bowl of water . What if the LPG didn’t work properly , she had taken care of all the necessary steps if fire broke . And that’s what I thought back then .

But fortunately or unfortunately , I didn’t know that I had to turn the knob in the stove too . And that’s how we failed to make tea .

That  made a good joke out me after that day . And also I don’t have the photo of that day for obvious reasons .

Thank you !!

                                           – Tamo (01/02/2018)

in response to the daily photo challenge : Beloved

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