Every time it rains Daily Prompt: Parallel


via Daily Prompt: Parallel

Parallel things that happen
every time it rains around me,

I fight with myself for thinking
“the rain had to fall
the trees had to sway
my mind had to go deep down
to bring out, now dreadful,
but all those sweet memories
of her dancing in the rain
smiling and jumping and happy
and laughing with every single drop
of the elixir dying to stay put
on the face that can never
ever go un-praised”

or else,

I go on with myself
and fight myself for thinking that,
“the rain had to fall
the trees had to sway
my body had to yearn
to feel her touch,
my eyes had to learn
to see her happy
every time it rained”

But every time this happens,
I have the disadvantage of learning mathematics,
that tells me that, no two parallel things
can ever intersect each other, and
so, these two things never really fight
and I end up with both of these in my mind.
Just everyday things.

                                           – Love Tamo(19/04/2018)

in response to the daily prompt: Parallel

for my previous response, click here.

photo credit: pixabay


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