Is it Love??


So, the conversation goes like this:

She: yo?
Me: Yo!
She: so tell me, what am I to you?
Me: umm…(Full of thoughts in mind, but none came out.)
She: It’s okay, you can take your time, I’m willing to wait for
        your answer.
Me: Okay, let me think about that and tell you in 5 years.
She: No!
Me: But you literally just said, you’re willing to wait.
She: Yes, but 5 years is a very long time and you know I’m not
        that patient.
Me: Okay, I’ll see.

So, here it goes…


So incomplete, the day is,
if my ears don’t get
the pleasure of your voice.

Your smile makes things,
if not good, at least look
sillier than it should be.

silly things are so much better than
to have bad things in mind
to think about.

But I still wonder,
what you are to me?

cause you see,
I have things to say to you,
I have things that I feel for you,
but I, unfortunately,
don’t have the right word for you.

And if you think that,
I should just call it Love, but then,
I don’t think it can be just Love,

cause you see,
what I feel is much more than just Love,
calling it Love, won’t do justice
to what I have for you.

but then again,
I don’t have the word,
But I sure do,
feel it for you!
                                          – Love Tamo (20/10/2018)

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photo credit 1: Pixabay

photo credit 2: Pixabay


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